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Welcome, value and integrate sensory needs into corporate worship and the life of the church.

For leaders and members alike.

"All nations whom you have made shall come and worship before you O Lord; and shall glorify your name."

Psalm 86:9 

Turn theory into reality in 6 weeks here!

We did a global survey on sensory needs in the church, the results were surprising:

a pie chart with a statistic, "61% of survey respondents avoid church because their sensory needs aren't being met."

Sensory Healthy Church Programme

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Your donation, in exchange for the Sensory Healthy Church programme, will go towards the work of Christian Sensory Support. 



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So what are sensory needs?

Sensory processing and integration issues (or sensory needs) are how we process and respond to sensory information from our environment and from inside our body. We develop our senses before anything else, even before birth, making it fundamental to how we behave in everyday life. Our processing might make us have extreme responses (under, over or fluctuating responses) to everyday stimuli like sounds, textures, or movements.

Sensory processing issues are often more significant in people with ADHD, Autism, DCD, Learning Disability, Anxiety or PDA, but are present in everyone in varying levels.

four people lying on the floor, pointing to various parts of their faces
a group of people sitting on sofas reading the bible together, laughing

Sensory Needs in the Church


We want to make church life as accessible as possible for everyone.

If you're in leadership, by having a deeper dive into how sensory needs affect others, you can be even more effective in meeting those needs and help people thrive in the life of your church.

If you are living with sensory needs, then we can empower you to do what you can even if your church is still on it's journey to fully support you. 

For Leadership & Teams

Be supported to create a sensory environment that nourishes all visitors to your church and members in it. 

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For Church Members

Learn how you can support yourself or your family's sensory needs best. 

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Sensory needs look different for everyone.

And everyone processes their sensory needs in unique ways.

These are common signs that someone may need additional sensory support.

cartoon drawing of a man covering his eyes
Cartoon drawing of a woman shouting through a megaphone
cartoon drawing of a man holding up a bag full of arrows and lighting, symbolising immense pressure
cartoon drawing of a woman plugging her ears with her fingers
cartoon drawing of a woman fidgeting on a chair

We all experience the world through our senses. Some people may feel overwhelmed, bored, or excluded due to lack of sensory input, too much input, fear of the environment, or no where to go to help them regroup and de-stress.

  • Do you have restless members during service?
  • Do family members take it in turns to¬†attend church instead of coming together?
  • Are disruptive members inadvertently excluded?
  • Are you concerned that people are staying away from church due to sensory needs?

This 3 hour online 'On Demand' programme is split into bitesize chunks!

It helps Christians identify the sensory struggles individuals, families and leaders face in corporate worship and in the life of the church, and present solutions according to needs identified, finances and space available to each individual congregation and family. 

A Resource for Church Leaders and Congregation Alike

 It let's everyone know they are valued, appreciated and belong in the life of the church.

It's church growth through compassion. 

‚ÄúThe Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love‚ÄĚ Psalm 147:11

 Lifetime Access.

Whether it's for you, your family, your small church, large church or Mega-church:


  • Worldwide Survey Results Breakdown.
  • Church Questionnaire - for members¬†to take to leadership or for leadership to use with members.
  • Sensory Audit for the building, environment and services.
  • Solutions to meet each sensory need.
  • Modules¬†to raise awareness of specific sensory needs.
  • Modules to train team members.
  • Tips for preachers, teachers and leaders.
  • Strategies for individuals, parents, family members and carers.
  • How to run sessions and services to¬†reduce meltdowns and distracting behaviours.
  • 'Sensory Healthy Church' poster & social icons.
  • Registration for an easy find for people looking for a sensory healthy church.


Six Weeks to a Sensory Healthy Church

The Summer Special is now closed however you may still book private "Six weeks to a Sensory Healthy Church" sessions for your church or join our Sensory Super System¬ģ membership as a family or individual and have the programme included.

For Churches / Leaders


One-off payment.

  • Share one login with everyone
  • 6 Sessions over 3 months
  • Access to Professional Consultation
  • Custom plan tailored to work around your resources, space and¬†community
  • Christian Sensory Support Facebook community
  • Be on the Certified Sensory Healthy Church register, with¬†posters¬†and icons to display
  • Lifetime access to the Sensory Healthy Church programme.

For Individuals / Families


Per Month

  • Full access to the Sensory Healthy Church programme
  • Full Access to the¬†Sensory Super System¬ģ¬†for Christians - Bronze level
  • Christian Sensory Support Community
  • Bonus Course: Stress Free Mealtimes
  • Bonus Course: Handwriting with Ease
  • Cancel anytime

FAQ'S about the Six Weeks to a Sensory Healthy Church.

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Over 30 years Occupational Therapy Experience

Anne Laure Jackson is a qualified OT and Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Processing & Integration. She has improved the lives of thousands of people, working with parents, children, schools, businesses and organisations.

Her Sensory Super System¬ģ and other programmes empower people to take action, with support, and thrive with their own unique Sensory Thumbprint¬ģ.

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