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I’m Anne Laure Jackson, sensory integration specialist, here to help you thrive and flourish in sensory health! 

I will help you, your extended family, school or workplace identify unique sensory thumbprints that hold the key to sensory health and wellbeing.

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Parents, teachers, grandparents, carers, professionals, or adults...

are you struggling with...




Poor handwriting?



Picky eating?



Are you looking for help for Sensory Processing Disorders?

Well, I don't like that phrase! Let me tell you why.

Hello, I’m Anne Laure Jackson, sensory processing and integration specialist, here to help you thrive and flourish in sensory health! I help you assess for unique sensory thumbprints that hold the key to sensory health and wellbeing for all...

and that's what I like to focus on!

Health and wellbeing for everyone - regardless of any diagnosis of SPD, ASC, ADHD, DCD, MS or no diagnosis!

Why don't we value and support our neurodiversity instead? That's what this service is all about.

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I believe we are all sensory beings and, regardless of diagnosis, each one of us is uniquely and wonderfully made and should be cherished for that!


I believe everyone can change their circumstances with the right support.
I believe that even the most challenging of behaviours can be helped by addressing sensory needs.


Do you?


If so, I'd love to work with you.

Here's how the Sensory Super System changes lives.

Months 1-2:

You are taken from a place of uncertainty, frustration, or exhaustion, to a place of understanding and knowing WHY the behaviours are as they are - having done a full sensory thumbprint assessment together.

Months 2-3:

You grow in confidence with managing those sensory issues following specific treatment and management techniques.

Months 3-4:

You start absorbing and developing sensory healthy activities into the flow of your everyday life. 

Months 4-5:

You learn how to adapt your home, school, or organisation to keep emotional regulation at it's best level and improve coordination to succeed and enjoy life.

Months 5-6:

Having good grounding in all things sensory you're then able to judge if any behaviour is due to a sensory issue, trauma, communication or any other reason and meet that need accordingly.

Months 6-7:

You grow in your skill of looking at everyday life and seeing the benefits or drawbacks of every experience the day holds and respond well to them to keep everyone happy and functioning to the best of their ability.

Months 7-12:

You cement your growing capabilities in meeting sensory needs and relax into a sensory healthy lifestyle, tweaking and continuing to learn as you go and have the opportunity to move through the Bonus courses of Stress-Free Mealtimes or Handwriting with Ease.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

We’ll follow a tried and tested system – minimum 6 months. Weekly emails, weekly zooms, bite size videos, with a Guidebook specially designed to make it easy and stress-free! 

24/7 Private Community

We have mastery sensory supers groups - sharing stories and experiences - to be there for you and with you throughout each week.

Gain Confidence & Skills

Apply the knowledge to your situation – personalised and individualised – to help you assess, understand, treat, manage, problem solve and celebrate unique sensory processing issues!

Become a Sensory Super!

Be a Sensory Super!


Over the 30 years I’ve been an Occupational Therapist, I've enjoyed and seen the value in empowering people with knowledge and skills to be able to thrive in sensory health. Now, online, we can work together to help you understand, assess, treat and manage those sensory needs.

We transform lives by making people feel better in themselves and able to do more for themselves.

The Sensory Super Systems change lives.

The online courses, coaching and community offer the path to calmer, happier, thriving families, schools, organisations, and communities.

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 I will help you, those in your home, school or workplace be in the best Sensory health:



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