Special New Start for us all!

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Bronze level reduced from £249 a month to £49 a month! (for the first 50!)

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Here's how the Sensory Super System changes lives.

Months 1 - 2:

You are taken from a place of uncertainty, frustration, or exhaustion, to a place of understanding and knowing WHY the behaviours are as they are - having done a full sensory thumbprint assessment together.

Months 2 - 3:

You grow in confidence with managing those sensory issues following specific treatment and management techniques.

Months 3 - 4:

You start absorbing and developing sensory healthy activities into the flow of your everyday life. 

Months 4 - 5:

You learn how to adapt your home, school, or organisation to keep emotional regulation at it's best level and improve coordination to succeed and enjoy life.

Months 5 - 6:

Having good grounding in all things sensory you're then able to judge if any behaviour is due to a sensory issue, trauma, communication or any other reason and meet that need accordingly.

Months 6 - 7:

You grow in your skill of looking at everyday life and seeing the benefits or drawbacks of every experience the day holds and respond well to them to keep everyone happy and functioning to the best of their ability.

Months 7 - 12+:

You cement your growing capabilities in meeting sensory needs and relax into a sensory healthy lifestyle, tweaking and continuing to learn as you go and have the opportunity to move through the Bonus courses of Stress-Free Mealtimes or Handwriting with Ease.

Bronze Level

Top features

  • Alternate weekly 1pm and 8pm GMT Tuesday or Wednesday evenings + lunchtime coaching calls.
  • Access to all courses
  • Private community 24/7 group
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track and motivated
  • Sensory Super System Guidebook sent out to you to lead you through the full System STEP by STEP.

Special New Start for us all!


Bronze level reduced from £249 a month to £49 a month!

Pick which service you prefer - regular Sensory Support or faith based Christian Sensory Support - Join below.