Dealing with Visual Overwhelm in Supermarkets

woman in yellow tshirt and beige jacket holding a fruit stand

Supermarkets can be overwhelming for children sensitive to visual stimuli, especially if they refuse to wear dark glasses. This blog offers strategies to manage visual overwhelm in such environments.


Understanding Visual Overwhelm


Visual overwhelm can occur in brightly lit, visually cluttered spaces like supermarkets. It's marked by discomfort, irritability, or anxiety in response to intense visual input.


Strategies for Managing Visual Overwhelm


Pre-Visit Preparation: Discuss the supermarket trip beforehand, explaining what to expect.

Alternative Protective Gear: If dark glasses are a no-go, try hats with brims or visors that can reduce overhead lighting impact.

Sensory-Friendly Shopping Times: Choose less busy times to shop, reducing the visual and auditory stimuli.

Navigation Games: Create a game or a scavenger hunt to focus the child’s attention away from overwhelming visuals.

Use of Technology: Consider using a tablet or a smartphone with engaging apps to distract and calm the child.

Shortened Shopping Trips: Keep visits brief to minimise exposure to overwhelming stimuli.


Seeking Professional Advice


If visual overwhelm is a consistent challenge, consulting with a specialist like Anne Laure Jackson can provide tailored strategies for your child’s sensory needs.




Understanding and creatively addressing visual overwhelm can make necessary outings like supermarket visits more manageable for children with visual sensitivities.


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