Hebrew versus Greek – How do you think?

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I wonder if you are aware of what you think and why it’s important?

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Well, if we look at our worldviews and what we think of ourselves and our disabilities, struggles, children, issues, marriage, then whether we have ‘Greek’ way of thinking or ‘Hebrew’ way of thinking makes a huge difference in how we deal with these and how much joy, peace, and abundance we live with. 

Let me explain a little more… 

  • The ancient Greeks fathered the idea that human centred rational thinking is more important than anything else = What we think rules.
  • The ancient Hebrews dedicated their whole thinking processes to God’s way = What GOD thinks rules.

I wonder – How do you think?

Let’s look at 6 differences in Part 1:

1) GREEK: Mother Earth is the impersonal source of all life on earth – therefore we evolved with no value or meaning so it’s up to us to make our own life purpose.

HEBREW: Father God is the personal source of all life on planet earth and beyond – each child and human is precious and given by God so we may love Him back.

2) GREEK: Nature operates under it’s own laws acting independently of any outside influence – we look to Nature for all the answers.

HEBREW: God made and sustains everything in and on the earth, which He made for His purposes so he set in place the laws over nature – therefore when we honour His laws, we make choices of how we what we eat, drink, and how we live in accordance with those, we will be in a much healthier place.

3) GREEK: god is all things natural and the natural is god. There is no supernatural  –  therefore our health practices will be about being at one with nature.

HEBREW: God is supernatural and he is above His creation and works in it – therefore He inspires health practices, heals supernaturally, and brings about health in the way that He explains it.

4) GREEK: The gods of Olympia were thought to be personal yet had limits. Nature has no limits but is impersonal.

HEBREW: The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is the most personal and yet unlimited being – therefore we can trust Him with everything.

5) GREEK: The gods were created to look and be like us. (“image of man”)

HEBREW: We were created to look and be like God. (“image of God”)

6) GREEK: Mankind is classed as an animal – a rational animal – therefore has no greater worth than any other creature on earth.

HEBREW: Man is the pinnacle of God’s creation and of utmost worth – we were given the likeness and image of God – to reflect and honour God, to receive his Spirit within us  – not to see ourselves as little gods. Therefore every single person is SO valued regardless of disability, sexuality, race, creed, language, age because they were created by him and for Him.

SO I would love to promote any biblical and Hebrew based practices to help us live in abundant health – sensory, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health. It is not denying the reality of the issues and struggles that we deal with – but to have support of a Hebrew mindset that will bring joy, peace and and abundance in the midst of our lives.

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