Raising a Confident Child


Raising a Confident Child

To raise a confident child is to build their self-esteem – who they are in Christ. How do you build a child’s self-esteem? Model what you want to see, encourage and empower through the words you speak onto them, and your actions. Our children watch us daily. They have a front-row seat at how you react and manage your emotions, and cope with situations.

Furthermore, they are always learning from us, consciously and unconsciously. Raising a confident child takes work and mindfulness in the Christian sense of the word. We must be intentional about how we communicate and how we relate to our children at all times. And for this to take place effectively, we must develop self-awareness.


Awareness leads to managementLet us say that you must help your child develop sensory skills and motor skills. To help you do that, you must know your own sensory processing patterns and learn how to manage them best to teach your child. Your child needs you to be self-aware so that you can help them become self-aware. As parents, we must work diligently to find our child’s strengths and weaknesses to help them grow and navigate their own inner workings.

Proverbs 18:21, The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

The scriptures tell us that we can either uplift or dismantle with the things we say, and that goes for self-esteem. We can either speak to our children in a way that builds up their sense of self or tears it down. We can speak life onto their mind and encourage them to love themselves in the way God does them. It is vital to praise our children significantly when they persevere through their tough moments. Praise is a powerful tool that we can practice daily. We must focus on all the things they are doing right and praise those to give them confidence. And one is extremely important, which is never to shame our children. Shame hinders self-esteem. Shaming our children is something we must refrain from doing. It isn’t productive, and it does not build a child up; instead, it creates a “not good enough” paradox. When, in fact, they are enough, and they are loved and approved. 

Passion and Goals

Have you noticed how you feel when you are goal-orientated and working on what you are passionate about? You feel amazing. We must help our children feel proud of themselves, and what better way do this than to help our kids discover their passion and help them set-goals around their passion. If your child likes to write, then encourage them to write a book. You can help them by setting goals to have them write one chapter a week or a month. If your child likes robotics, then provide the tools and resources for him or her to build up their skills in robotics.

Discover your child’s inclinations and encourage them to continue to move in their zone of creativity. Unleashing a child’s creativity is powerful when building a positive sense of self and confidence. What is a lack of confidence? When children do not possess confidence, they are not focusing on their own competence and potential. Instead, they are spending more time thinking about what others are doing. Fuel your child’s ambitions and help them channel their energy on their own passions.

Everything in life is a choice, and choosing to help your children is crucial to their growth and helping them grow in independence. Let me help you along the way. Book a free call to become a Sensory Super-Parent.


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