Recognising and Understanding Sensory Overload

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Realising that you are prone to sensory overload is an important step towards managing it effectively. This blog aims to enhance your understanding of how your senses operate and how to recognise the signs of sensory overload.


How Our Senses Work


Our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and movement help us navigate and interpret the world. However, when one or more of these senses are overwhelmed, it can lead to sensory overload, affecting our ability to process information and respond appropriately.


Recognising Signs of Sensory Overload

Physical Symptoms: Headaches, fatigue, or nausea can be indicators of sensory overload.

Emotional Responses: Feeling unusually irritable, anxious, or stressed in sensory-rich environments, such as crowded places or loud events.

Cognitive Effects: Experiencing difficulty concentrating, confusion, or feeling overwhelmed in situations with intense sensory input.


Managing Sensory Overload


Awareness: Begin by identifying which senses are most affected and in what situations.

Preventive Strategies: Utilise earplugs in noisy environments or sunglasses in brightly lit areas to mitigate sensory input.

Regulating Techniques: Engage in breathing and proprioceptive (heavy muscle work) exercises to reduce anxiety.

Creating a Sensory-Healthy Environment: Adapt your personal space to be more (or less) calming and stimulating.


Seeking Support

Consider getting in touch for personalised strategies to manage sensory overload. I can provide insights tailored to your specific sensory thumbprint®.




Understanding sensory overload and its signs is key to managing it effectively. By being aware of your sensory thresholds and implementing strategies to mitigate overload, you can navigate sensory-rich environments more comfortably.


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