Understanding Sensory Processing in Children: A Guide for Parents

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Hello, I’m Anne Laure Jackson, an experienced sensory processing and integration specialist. Through my service, Sensory Super Support, I aim to promote health and wellbeing for everyone, celebrating our neurodiversity. This blog post is crafted to help parents understand and navigate the world of sensory processing in their children.


What is Sensory Processing?


Sensory processing is how the brain interprets and responds to sensory information. For some children, this can be challenging, leading to sensory processing disorders (SPD). Understanding these differences is crucial in supporting your child's unique Sensory Thumbprint.


Recognizing Sensory Processing Issues


Children with SPD may have varied reactions to sensory stimuli. Look for signs such as extreme reactions to sensory inputs, coordination challenges, social engagement difficulties, and adaptability issues. These signs can provide valuable insights into your child's sensory needs.


Sensory Seeking and Avoiding Behaviors

Children may be 'sensory seekers' or 'sensory avoiders.' Recognizing your child's category can guide you in creating supportive environments and activities tailored to their sensory preferences.


Creating a Sensory-Friendly Environment


As a parent, you can create a home environment that accommodates your child's sensory needs. This involves using calming colors, providing sensory toys, creating quiet spaces, and establishing routines that incorporate sensory activities.


Strategies for Parents


Observation: Keep an eye on how your child reacts to different sensory experiences.

Consistency: Maintain routines that include sensory activities.

Flexibility: Be ready to adapt based on your child's responses.

Support: Seek support from professionals like occupational therapists who specialize in sensory integration.

Working with Schools and Caregivers


Share your child's sensory preferences and effective strategies with teachers and caregivers to ensure a consistent approach across different environments.


Your Resources


As an Amazon bestselling author, I've written books like "7 Keys to Successful Sensory Processing" and "Raising a Sensory Child with Ease," which provide deeper insights and practical tips. Additionally, free resources like sensory guides and videos are available on my website to support your journey.




Understanding sensory processing in children is a continuous journey. Each child's sensory world is unique, and as a parent, your support and understanding can make a significant difference. For more personalized support, explore my books on Amazon and the free resources on my website.


Stay tuned for more insights on sensory processing and integration.

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